Lusus naturae

visual freak, quote collector, book worm, classic bohemian, cineliterate, quirky illustrator and music lover... This is a compilation of what inspires me day to day and makes me love this life even more!
I hope it will inspire you too.

Angry people want you to see how powerful they are. Loving people want you to see how powerful you are.

Chief Red Eagle 

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I like getting older, I feel like I’m aging into my personality.

Nick Miller

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Favorite anime couples (in no particular order) 

Ashitaka and San || Mononoke Hime

"Together we’ll live."

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You think it’s cool to hate things. And it’s not. It’s boring. Talk about what you love and keep quiet about what you don’t.

I’m slowly losing my ground
Slowly sinking down
Trapped by this thing they call love.

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Villains Mythos


Hayao Miyazaki talking about his passion for animation while seeing the world through his fascinating career. From the documentary: The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness (2013)

People do not seem to realise that their opinion of the world is also a confession of their character.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I’m not gonna sit around and waste my precious divine energy trying to explain and be ashamed of things you think are wrong with me.

Esperanza Spalding

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